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At MoreShow, we make dreams become reality, creating the ultimate children's parties.
Агентство детских праздников.
Находимся в Лос-Анджелесе, работаем по всему миру
We bring the biggest ideas to life!
Just tell us how you want to celebrate and we will make it!
See how we organize kid's parties, that will be remembered for years!
Vlada Chizhevskaya
founder of the agency
Vlada Chizhevskaya
À la carte Kids Parties
For Children of All Ages
Kids' Party Options
For a Different Budgets
Our offerings give you more
options to create something magical
Custom Themed Kid's Parties
for Any Occasion or Celebration
We will work out the program of an unforgettable holiday
in several variants
Fantastic holiday scenarios
memorable for a long time
We coordinate every detail
bringing your kid's favorite characters and heroes to life with stunning decorations, and outstanding costumes
«Pink Circus» Kids' Party
Whimsical party for children starting at 2+ hours of kids' games and shows tailored to a scenario designed specifically for your child's birthday
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"Under The Sea"
Kids' Party
2+ Hours of entertainment tailored to a custom scenario designed specifically for your kid's birthday. Take them under the Sea with beautiful costumed entertainers.

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«The Princess' Ball» Kid's Party
A dazzling Princess Party filled with beauty, magic, and wonder.
We are happy to create a custom birthday party for up to 10 hours and make your child's fantasy become reality.

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Holiday in the style of
«Pink circus»
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Holiday in the style of
«Sea world»
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Holiday in the style of
«The Princess' Ball»
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Throw a «Superheroes» Kids Party
32 amazing programs. Endless smiles.
We create the perfect program for your kids party in Los Angeles and across the United States.
Choose one of our packages
or we will create a custom event around your budget

5000 $
Number of entertainers
Entertainment duration
Kids show by entertainers
Master classes
from 2
from 2
Number of entertainers
Entertainment duration
Kids show by entertainers
Master classes
from 2
from 2
20 000 $
Number of animators
Animation duration
Show program
(for choice)
Master classes
from 4
from 4
Want to see what fits your budget? Try our party calculator to find out more.
Our Manager will contact you and ask about your preferences
and will offer several options for choice
3000 $
We hosted 3,000 parties and counting!
We've thrown thousands of parties around the world - and we can't wait to create yours.
Holiday for
Elena Perminova
The theme
«Pink circus»
— 3 photo backdrops
— 6 interactive zones
— 17 performers
— 15 decorations
— 11 waiters
— 9 property-men
— 3 event coordinators
On the project worked:
Case 1
Holiday for
Ksenia Borodina

The theme
«Alice in Wonderland»
— 15 artists
— 30 children
— 2 master classes
— 200 square
meters of space
Case 2
— 5 hours holiday
— 4 show programs
— 25 pieces of props
The theme
«Sweet party»
A sweet party in Sunny Miami became a bright event at the birthday of a little sweet tooth
— 15 children
— age 2-12 years
— the duration
of the holiday is 7 hours
Case 3
— 7 animators
— 3 show programs
— 1 master class
The theme
— 11 Princesses
— 24 artists
Case 4
The hall of 400 m2 was decorated with 3 photo zones. One of them is a castle with a height of 5×2×10 m
— showed 4 show programs
— 6 hours
— 120 guests
— of them 45 children
The theme
Children's party with 5 three-meter transformers
with transformers
Case 5
— Duration - 3 hours
— 50 children
— Interaction
Holiday for children
— Disco with transformers
— Exclusive smoke
— Laser maze
— Photoshoot
ring show
with the audience
Holiday for children
The theme
«Star wars»
— 14 artists
Case 6
of thematic props
— 5 hours
of exciting quest based on the film
— 5 shows programs
— 1 midget
— 4 photo zones
— 18 items
3,000 parties and counting!
The theme
«Pink circus»
— 3 photo zones

— 6 interactive zones

— 17 artists
On the project worked:

— 15 decorators

— 11 seamstresses

— 9 property-men

— 3 accompanying
managers, controlled each stage of work
Pink Circus Kids Party
Check out our case studies
We specialize on kids parties, like
magical birthday that your child will remember forever.
Whatever you're celebrating, we take care of it from start to finish.
We spend all the holidays,
associated with children
How We Organize Your Party?
We place special emphasis
on show programs and interaction with all guests at the party.
We talk through every single
detail to make this day special for your kid!
  1. Interactive Shows with a Professional Actors and Entertainers
We select only the best artists and specialists to work on your event, providing children premium entertainment and education.
Large-Scale Set Design and Decorations
We make large-scale scenery for more immersive party experiences.
Entertainment Areas for Kids
  • We divide the space into separate interactive areas: photo booth, face painting, beauty bar, and more. Your guests will never be bored!
Custom Scenarios
We present 30 minutes of theatrical action with special effects, which we can carry out in any of our programs.
  • We use professional entertainers in life-size mascot costumes. Your child will be delighted to interact with them!
  • If necessary, we'll organize and coordinate photographers, videographers, cake ordering, and other specialty services.
A La Carte Kids Holidays
We handle all the details, from entertainment and kids show programs to set design, deccoration and locations. You won't be disappointed!
We create the event program and provide high-quality interaction with every child.

We select the optimal location so everyone can enjoy the party.
Our stunning scenery and set design will amaze all the guests.
We organize extra services like a photographer, catering, and more.
The brightest
team of actors
We have gathered the most talented entertainers, who will make your kids party unforgettable.
Entertainers online and offline trainings
Regular new castings
Training on working with children
Theather actors
We host holidays in two languages: English and Russian
We will take your biggest ideas and bring them to life!
Tell us what you want and we'll help make it happen!
Perfect characters with
unique costumes that will impress everyone.
Super-realistic costume designs that you can't find anywhere else in the world.
created by our manufacturing team
Show program
that even adults will love
  • High-level productions with special effects.
Average show length— 30 to 45 minutes
We can integrate kids show programs within any holiday or theme party
Transforming Robots Show
Chemical Show for Kids
Watch the video about the show
Watch the video about the show
Still can't decide?
Let our professional team help you plan the desired kids party for your needs and budget.
Ready to throw a party - anywhere in United States!
Our team will fly to any city in United States.

We handle an organizational process.
Just relax and get ready to create unforgetable memories.
Any questions?
Reach out and let's plan your dream party.
Vlada Chizhevskaya
founder of the agency
We will be happy to advise you and help you organize the perfect dream holiday
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